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Transferring credit 

Institutions also have arrangements that can allow you to transfer credits you have already been awarded.

You may be able to transfer your credits to another programme within the same institution, or you may be able to transfer your credit towards a programme in a different institution.

The ways in which credit can be transferred is determined by each individual institution and will be set out in its assessment regulations.

Credit transfer depends on whether the accumulated credit is relevant to the programme to which you want to transfer. Some institutions describe credit as either general or specific to a particular programme. This may be important if you want to transfer the credit you have been awarded in one programme to a programme in a different subject area or at a different institution. You will need to talk this through with the institutions involved as soon as possible.

Credit transfer case study

Case study flow diagram: Stefan transferred a BA (Hons) Finance & Accountancy module - worth 15 credits at level 4 - to a new BA (Hons) Business Studies programme

Stefan started a BA (Hons) Finance and Accountancy programme. He completed one 15 credit level 4 module called Introduction to Business and Finance before deciding to change to a BA (Hons) in Business Studies.

As the 15 credit module was relevant to both degree programmes, Stefan was able to transfer the credits into the new study programme.

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