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Credit accumulation 

As you progress through a programme of study you will start to gather credit for modules and units that you successfully complete. This is called credit accumulation.

If you are working towards a qualification you will have to accumulate sufficient credit, at the appropriate levels, to progress through the programme and to gain the total credits required for the qualification. Credits required for progression and the award of a qualification, along with other assessment requirements, are set out in more detail in an institution's assessment regulations.

Credit accumulation case study

Diagram of Amanda's credit accumulation throughout her studies

Amanda enrolled on an MA in Health Studies programme, with the intention of studying part-time over two years. During her first year she successfully completed four 15 credit modules (60 credits in total) and was awarded a postgraduate certificate. At the end of the first year Amanda chose to take a one-year break from studying.

In the third year she successfully completed another 15 credit module at level 7. During the fourth year she was able to complete one 15 credit and one 30 credit module at level 7, and in the fifth year she completed a 60 credit dissertation. Following four years of successful part-time study, with a one-year break in the middle, Amanda was awarded her MA degree.

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