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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

 Our strategy for 2011-14 

Aim 1: To meet students' needs and be valued by them

We will work to ensure that all students get the best possible educational experience. We will support universities and colleges as they aim to meet and shape students' expectations. We will communicate clearly to students about standards and quality, and will work with them as partners. We will respond to the views and diverse needs of students and will protect their interests.

How will we know we are succeeding?

  • Surveys confirming that students value the benefits we provide.
  • Growth in enquiries from students on issues we can influence.
  • Research showing specific improvements to practice as a result of our work with students.


Aim 2: To safeguard standards in an increasingly diverse UK and international context

As an independent, trusted authority, we safeguard standards, enabling students, employers and the wider public to have confidence that UK higher education qualifications have a recognised value. We will take an energetic approach to new challenges, adapting quality assurance systems in the UK where necessary to ensure they remain effective and proportionate, targeted on risk and need in an increasingly diverse sector. We will protect the interests of everyone working towards a UK higher education qualification, however and wherever they study, within the UK or abroad.

How will we know that we are succeeding?

  • Surveys showing that our methods across the UK are seen as effective and valuable.
  • More subscribers across the whole higher education sector, and QAA reviews extended to a diverse range of providers.
  • Evidence that our resources are focused on where they add most value and where there are risks to standards and quality.


Aim 3: To drive improvements in UK higher education

Our review reports will explain our findings clearly and authoritatively. We will identify what is good and where improvements are needed, and communicate this information widely to promote improvements in students' experiences. We will maintain and develop our role as independent experts on standards, quality and enhancement, valued across the higher education sector. We will build on our reputation, offering our services more widely, sharing our expertise publicly and encouraging debate and positive change. We will investigate complaints quickly and expect universities and colleges to act on our findings.

How will we know we are succeeding?

  • Good practice evidenced in all institutions and featured on our website.
  • Evidence that our findings and recommendations are acted upon quickly and make a difference.
  • Increase in our speed of response to concerns raised.


Aim 4: To improve public understanding of higher education standards and quality

We will describe and discuss standards and quality in higher education in ways that the public understand. Our publications will be accessible and useful to a diverse audience, including students, prospective students and interested members of the public. In judging the information universities and colleges provide, our work will encourage improvement in this area. We will strengthen our research base, lead policy developments and contribute to public debate.

How will we know we are succeeding?

  • Market research showing increased public awareness of quality in higher education.
  • Tests showing our publications and other products are increasingly readable, useful and frequently accessed.
  • A stronger profile in public debate and more references to our work on the web.


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