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QAA Quality Mark 

What is the QAA Quality Mark?

The QAA Quality Mark is awarded to higher education providers who are QAA subscribers and who have met or exceeded the UK expectations for quality and standards in their recent review by QAA. It communicates to everyone that an institution has a guaranteed minimum level of quality and standards. It includes the QAA logo, the QAA word mark, the words 'UK Quality Assured' and the date the successful review took place. There are three QAA Quality Marks for use by eligible subscribers depending on their location: England and Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

Subscribers eligible to display the QAA Quality Mark are those providers who have gained positive judgements using the following review methods.

QAA Quality Mark 2014 sample

From 1 August 2012:

  • Institutional Audit in England and Northern Ireland
  • Institutional Review in England and Northern Ireland
  • Enhancement-led Institutional Review in Scotland
  • Institutional Review in Wales.

From 1 February 2013:

  • Integrated Quality and Enhancement Review
  • Review of College Higher Education
  • or those who have made a successful application for the award of taught degree-awarding powers or Foundation Degree awarding powers.

From 1 January 2014:

  • Higher Education Review QAA Quality Mark Welsh sample
  • Higher Education Review Wales
  • Higher Education Review (Plus) (HER +) 

Why we launched the Quality Mark

We are committed to communicating our work clearly to a wide audience, and believe that use of the licensed QAA Quality Mark by eligible QAA subscribers will aid student choice and improve public understanding of higher education standards and quality. A licence to use the QAA Quality Mark, which is a trademark protected by law and has not previously been licensed for use by any higher education provider, will also be a benefit for eligible QAA subscribers.

This development was a response to feedback from institutions that they would welcome the opportunity to use our logo in this way, given in the 2010 consultation on the new review method for England and Northern Ireland.

Who is eligible to display the Quality Mark?

View the list of subscribers (PDF 87KB) eligible to display the Quality Mark as at 16 April 2014.

Read the full terms and conditions of use (PDF 359KB), which include examples of the Quality Mark.

Further informationQAA Quality Mark Scotland sample

Read the answers to some frequently asked questions (PDF 80KB).

Read the circular letter announcing the launch of the Quality Mark.

Read the circular letter announcing the extension to the Quality Mark.

Read our Strategy for 2011-14.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact

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