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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

The Quality Code 

The UK Quality Code for Higher Education 

UK Quality Code logoThe UK Quality Code for Higher Education (the Quality Code) sets out the Expectations that all providers of UK higher education are required to meet.

We work closely with the UK higher education sector to develop, maintain and update the Quality Code. Higher education providers apply it in designing and delivering programmes of study. Our reviewers use it as the main reference point for their review work.


How the Quality Code is used

The Quality Code replaces the set of national reference points known as the Academic Infrastructure, from the 2012-13 academic year. The Quality Code gives all higher education providers a shared starting point for setting, describing and assuring the academic standards of their higher education awards and programmes and the quality of the learning opportunities they provide. Providers use it to design their respective policies for maintaining academic standards and quality.

What the Quality Code covers

The Quality Code has three Parts, on academic standards, academic quality and information about higher education provision. Each of these is subdivided into Chapters covering specific themes.

Further information

Read our brief guide to gain an overview of the Quality Code - its key features, why it's important, and how it's used.

Read the General Introduction to the Quality Code which supports all the other Chapters.

See the Quality Code implementation timeline which shows when new or revised Chapters take full effect and will be used as the basis for QAA reviews.

Refer to Guidance for using the Quality Code in Higher Education Reviews 2013-14 to check which versions of Chapters should be used during this review period.

Find out about how the Quality Code is being developed and the protocols for revising it.

QAA Enterprises offers training and consultancy services to help you explore the Quality Code further.

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